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Any company or organization that answers yes to any of the following questions could benefit from AquilaVision’s solutions. Do you need to keep track of critical physical assets or people and be notified quickly when abnormalities occur?

Would you like the ability to communicate with your entire workforce (or even specialized groups) when unusual situations arise? Does your organization have challenges in communicating with the right people at the right time when a problem develops? Do you want to save money by intelligently handling alerts without human intervention or the need for a call center?

Do you want to make quick, informed decisions with access to near real-time information? Do you want to respond faster in critical situations? Is employee efficiency important to you? Would you like to use personnel to focus on more pressing matters with the confidence of knowing that they’ll be notified if an emergency occurs?

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What's unique about us?

AquilaVision provides a notification service unlike others. We do this by utilizing our proprietary patent-pending solution, OTTER. Our OTTER never sleeps. Day and night, it sorts through a company’s often mundane and tedious streams of data, looking for information that meets preset criteria. The data streams can represent sensor or systems status, personal tracking information or mass communication demands. It doesn’t just detect a problem and sound an alarm, it knows the communication plan and springs into action instantly. OTTER becomes a state of the art virtual call center. It automatically calls the people, departments, or companies that need to know the situation and it works relentlessly until the information has been received and confirmed by everyone on its list.
What we offer that’s unique:

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

  1. Save money by intelligently handling alerts 24 / 7 without human intervention.
  2. Make quick, informed decisions with access to near real-time information.
  3. Improve employee efficiency. Stay ahead of competition.
  4. Reach 1 to 1,000’s instantly.
  5. Custom-tailored for virtually any application.
  6. Notifications made to email, pager, fax, PDA and any type of phone including smart phones.
  7. Utilizes the communication method best suited to the client and the recipient.
  8. Quick set up for a new user and new account.
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Technical Benefits

  1. Works with any IP-based system / sensor. Even if a company’s sensor is not currently IP-based, we have solutions to make this modification.
  2. Provides seamless integration of client’s business rules/policies and sensor data.
  3. Automates pre-defined response plans, which speed up the process of determining the flow of information and communications, and reduces overall response times.
  4. Scaled to current needs and scalable to future needs.
  5. Sends voice, email, SMS (text) and MMS (video) messages.
  6. Converts text based notification data into telephone calls.
  7. Makes multiple calls and reaches hundreds of people without human intervention.
  8. Can be configured to call back at predetermined intervals until user acknowledges receipt.
  9. Features for call forwarding and call alternating.
  10. Multiple layers of call fail-over.
  11. Advanced security option enables pin-based security to access each notification.
  12. Stores all data from notifications for later use in investigations.