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Advanced Alert Notification & Data Management

AquilaVision builds customized software solutions to move information from its source to people or systems that need to have it. Source information can be anything conveyed over a network: equipment status, asset location, sensor data, phone calls, emails, etc. This information can be evaluated, analyzed and manipulated by complex business rules. The result is information passed along to systems or personnel most closely associated with the results.
Mobility: AquilaVision creates mobile, customized software solutions that focus on event awareness, information dissemination and integration with systems or equipment. We provide customized support for complex business rules and data manipulation.
Data Management:
Data Management: AquilaVision is the premier leader, providing an intelligent hands-off notification service that monitors continuously 24 / 7, detects customer business rules immediately and then alerts instantaneously the right people that problems exist. AquilaVision does this by utilizing our proprietary patent-pending application, OTTER.
Security: Events detected by AquilaVision's OTTER technology can be securely relayed to the appropriate parties within seconds. AquilaVision also provides PIN protected accounts so that private information is protected and relayed only to the approved destination.

"The customer is using a partner of ours AquilaVision. They specialize in event based notifications (hands off notification systems) and were professional and very wonderful to work with. The customer started to trial it last week and stated it is working great and as expected. They are moving forward with the purchase of AquilaVisions affordable solution. Their solutions are very customizable and would recommend them in any situation that needs notification based solutions. (This solution is going to result in smartphone gross add sales)."

Verizon Wireless Business Sales Manager

"AquilaVision's OTTER emergency notification system not only replaced our paging system, it enhanced our overall response program with powerful new capabilities. The team of professionals at AquilaVision delivered a top notch solution, customized to meet our specific needs in a timely manner, all at a competitive price. We rely on OTTER to help keep our employees safe, and appreciate the peace of mind the solution provides. I highly recommend AquilaVision and OTTER to anyone interested in a notification solution."

William Burnside, Safety Manager, Case New Holland