Emergency Alerts

AquilaVision’s OTTER Emergency Alerts (OEA) is extremely valuable when having an alert mechanism is indispensible. Our solution literally saves lives by providing real time notifications about panic situations. Most important, these alerts transpire without human intervention or the need for a call center which increases situational response time. The following are illustrations of OEA:

Military/Law Enforcement Emergency

Military army convoys in the Middle East deliver supplies to various strategic locations. Trucks are fitted with panic buttons, monitored around the clock by AquilaVision’s OEA and business rules are predetermined for whom to notify in the event a button is pressed. If an emergency occurs, air or ground support arrive much more quickly than if an event was reported over traditional radios.

School Safety

OEA for schools puts the power of OTTER to work in the hands of faculty and staff. Working with local law enforcement, ambulance, fire and first responders, AquilaVision's school safety solution supplements and enhances traditional 911-based response plans. From active shooters on campus to school closures due to severe weather, this is a powerful, economic solution.

Personnel Tracking

Federal and state agencies supply agents with a simple wrist bracelet that track them while on their rounds. If one of them encounters trouble, they hit a panic button and notifications are immediately sent to people who can help.

Municipal Transportation

City transportation buses and other vehicles are equipped with panic buttons and AquilaVision’s OEA provides the alerting notifications needed to enable the appropriate authorities to respond quickly to any desperate situation.