Focused Alerts

AquilaVision’s OTTER Focused Alerts (OFA) is unlike other notification systems. Traditional notification methods require a person to create an alert on a computer or make a phone call so notifications can be sent. Our notifications are initiated without human intervention. Our solution has the intelligence to interrogate data from multiple sources, instantaneously generate notifications and simultaneously distribute them to multiple recipients through virtually any communications device. OFA handles both emergency and non-emergency events. In the event of an emergency, OFA makes the difference between life and death. OTTER springs into action instantly calling or text messaging the people who need to know the situation, and OFA doesn’t give up until everyone has been notified. In addition, since non-emergencies greatly outnumber emergencies, AquilaVision’s OFA provides organizations the complete flexibility in everyday communications with employees, customers and suppliers on matters that aren’t emergencies but still require immediate notification. Even non-emergency notifications may be time-sensitive.

Secure Chemical Destruction

In the case of Federal and State Agencies that are responsible for the safe and secure destruction of Department of Defense obsolete stockpile of chemical munitions, OFA monitors the sensors on the incinerators that burn the chemicals. If the sensors detect a leak of dangerous chemicals, OFA notifies appropriate authorities and at the same time nearby residents of any potential danger.

Product Dissimination

A product change within a company initiates notification to remote sales teams about the changes and the new sales goals. OTTER is able to track, moniter and alert business owners and employees about location, price changes, inventory, and other predetermined business thresholds the moment they occur.

Raw Material Reporting

In a mining environment, stockpile levels of raw materials are the key to hold or sell decisions. OFA can deliver stockpile information to company executives even during their travel. OTTER monitors inventory levels 24/7 and alerts the appropriate people the moment an actionable volume is determined.

Financial Alerts

Banks initiate overdraft warnings or check fraud attempt alerts. These alerts are immediately turned into voice notifications, text notifications, or email notifications. Financial alerts by OTTER provide a broad array of options for financial institutions to pre-set business rules that when broken, will immediately notifiy the appropriate parties.

Employee Schedule Notifications

A stadium manager handles a pool of thousands of part-time employees throughout the year. She uses AquilaVision’s OFA to notify preset groups of employees of their schedules for upcoming events. This saves hours of the company’s time calling each person individually and also ensures that the message gets through every time.

Corporate Announcements

OFA usage cam be as simple as the CEO wanting to send a message to his 5,000 employees every Friday. OTTER corporate alerts can be utilized to notify employees or shareholders of company announcements, stock price changes, or employee benefit changes. OTTER corporate alerts allow for cutting edge personnel management and information dissemination.