GPS Alerts

AquilaVision’s latest innovation of tracking was the result of a challenging request by law enforcement to build a system in which they get a phone call any time an inmate is somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. AquilaVision’s OTTER GPS Alerts are recognized as a preferred electronic monitoring solution by professionals in law enforcement, pre-trial services, corrections, victim advocacy, probation supervision, and other public and health safety fields. AquilaVision has three specific types of OTTER GPS Alerts:

Offender Tracking

In the offender tacking world, our ability to make telephone calls instead of just sending emails is critical to the Seminole County Florida’s Sheriff’s Office. In one instance, an offender in Seminole County, FL tampered with his ankle bracelet at 3:14 a.m. OTA detected a problem at 3:16 a.m. and immediately placed calls to 15 people, including the 911 dispatch center and the victim. Of those 15 people called, 7 acknowledged the call but 8 did not. OTA tried three more times to contact the remaining 8 people and finally, because of the acknowledgement feature, we know that 13 of the 15 original people knew the offender was loose.

Security and Law Enforcement

OTTTER GPS Alerts are extremely beneficial to security companies and law enforcement agents. Federal and state agencies supply agents with a simple wrist bracelet that tracks their agents on their rounds. If one of them does not move in a predefined period of time, OTTTER GPS Alerts will sense the potential problem and notify the people who can help.

Health Care Services

In the healthcare area, wrist bracelets are supplied to Alzheimer’s, Autistic and other individuals who may wander off and need to be quickly located. OTA keeps these people safe. If the loved one goes out of bounds, a telephone notification is generated. In this environment, traditional text and email messages just aren’t effective and our phone notifications are critical.

Vehicle Tracking

AquilaVision provides reliable, high-security tracking notifications for vehicles. OTTER GPS Alerts for Vehicles use seamlessly integrated, redundant technologies with automatic failover protections for the highest level of control and assurance in tracking operations for inmate transport, valuable cargo transport, or airplane tracking.

Object GPS Alerts

AquilaVision’s OTTER GPS Alerts for Objects is used to monitor any object or physical asset. Our solution combines some of the latest sensor and monitoring technology with advanced alerting capabilities. You have a lot to think about and manage in your business, and this solution takes some of the load off your shoulders. This solution responds instantly when a problem occurs, leaving you free to use your expertise where it’s needed most.