Sensor Alerts

AquilaVision’s OTTER Sensor Alerts (OSA) uses an intelligent parsing engine, OTTER, to monitor your systems or sensors and if a problem arises alerts the necessary people immediately. It works with your existing sensors and systems and converts data using your own business rules into the type of emergency notifications you need. It’s completely customizable to your preferences and can monitor virtually any type of computerized system and alert you when system errors, hardware malfunctions, or even predefined events or actions happen.

Utility Companies

OSA monitors smart meters and detects outages. Outage information is sent, using voice or text messages, to customers notifying them of the outage and then a final notification is sent when the power is restored. In addition OSA can even notify customers of estimated outage duration.

Mining Companies

Mining companies utilize a variety of sensors to monitor oxygen level, water or steam, sulfuric acid, methane, etc. OSA notifies a response team at the moment any one of dozens of gauges goes too high, or too low. Because of the quick, automated response and alerting system, the response team is on their way before anyone at the site has even noticed a problem.