your critical information


Your company creates a tremendous amount of information from Big Data sources, the endless array of devices (phones, tablets, sensors), searches (keyword, database queries), and apps (email, texts, photos). Harnessing your company's critical information quickly and easily is crucial to your company's success. AquilaVision can help.

AquilaVision builds custom software solutions for managing data, information, events, and communications to move critical information to the right people at the right time.

We bridge the gap from data creation to a desired outcome or function with our patented, intelligent software, OTTER. Based on our customer's Business Rules, OTTER handles anything having to do with moving critical information to a function of importance. OTTER moves large data sets in real-time to people and systems. OTTER works across any platform, and with complete confidentiality so your data's performance is both versatile and secure. 


Our Experience

For the last 13 years, AquilaVision (AV) has circulated our client's critical information to their specified end users. Our client's end users are maintenance teams, emergency responders, IT professionals, translators and business personnel. Read about how OTTER integrates into real-world solutions.  

Why Us?

Big Data never sleeps. Information comes from your mobile devices, emails, texts, apps, servers, databases, and keyword searches. You have all your data, but what are you doing with it? What could you do with it? How do you move that information quickly to your employees, consultants, vendors, or clients? AquilaVision can help. We integrate your company's business rules into our software platform, OTTER, and monitor this information around the clock. 

Our Integrated Solutions


Offender Tracking. Integration provided a state of the art tracking solution that monitors & tracks level III sexual & violent offenders with instant voice communications there is a schedule, location or other rule violation. 


Failover Routers. Our solution provided network failover to 3G/4G networks for any major disruption to primary internet connection & instant notification including access to router log files for clients and technical support staff.


Video Surveillance. Integration created a video surveillance solution for corporate/perimeter security with notification and access to event data, triggering images, and video.


Man Down Security. The solution provided a small cell based  panic  button  device  with  two‐way  audio  & ability  to  instantly  create  an  audio conference with the response team members. 


Mining Industry. Our solution helped bring a quicker response time for maintenance and emergency response teams for underground emergencies. 


Army/NATO  – Integrated OTTER with GPS tracking units and dash mounted panic buttons for supply convoys in Afghanistan for quicker response when under attack from the enemy.



AquilaVision's OTTER emergency notification system not only replaced our paging system, it enhanced our overall  response program with powerful new capabilities. The team of professionals at AquilaVision delivered a top notch solution, customized to meet our specific needs in a timely manner, all at a competitive price. We rely on OTTER to keep our employees safe, and appreciate the peace of mind the solution provides. I highly recommend AquilaVision and OTTER.

- William Burnside, Safety Manager of Case New Holland


With over 20 years of experience providing automated-payment solutions, as well as 25 years of Corrections and Law  Enforcement experience, TouchPay has a dedicated team that produces high-impact, technologically-advanced products, and unparalleled service for our corrections' clients. Additionally, we developed the most  comprehensive-payment network in the corrections' industry, from booking to deposit to release systems, as part of our commitment to being the technology leader in our field. And now, we are proud to announce our newest partner, AquilaVision. AquilaVision’s patent-pending OTTER product seamlessly integrated into our Intake Kiosk platform to provide inmates with the ability to reach friends and family, even legal counsel, through their cutting-edge telephony service. OTTER’s fast and reliable performance provides significant value to our customers.

- Ronny Park, Executive Manager of TouchPay Holdings, LLC         


The customer is using a partner of ours, AquilaVision. They specialize in event based notifications (hands off notification systems) and were professional and very wonderful to work with. The customer started to trial it last week and stated it is working great and as expected. They are moving forward with the purchase of AquilaVisions affordable solution. Their solutions are very customizable and would recommend them in any situation that needs notification based solutions. (This solution is going to result in smartphone gross add sales.)  

- Verizon Wireless, Business Sales Manager 


Jemez Technology’s Eagle-I platform reliably converts security cameras into smart sensors. These sensors warns customers in real-time of potential intruders who might easily be overlooked in a busy security operations environment. We partnered with AquilaVision to provide real-time alerts directly to our customers via email, text messages, or  voice messages. AquilaVison’s OTTER product efficiently monitors our customer's Eagle-I alert data, moves the data securely via the internet, then quickly distributes the alerts to the customer’s personnel based on customer-selected rules. OTTER’s simple user interface allows customers to easily set or change how and when their alerts get sent. To protect lives and property, OTTER must process the Eagle-I alerts in seconds.  OTTER’s fast and reliable performance provides significant value to our customers. 

-Jemez Technology, Business Sales Manager