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 AquilaVision builds custom software solutions for managing data, information, events and communications to move critical information to the right people at the right time. Our software is called OTTER, a patented, intelligent data manager

OTTER processes and disperses information instantly. It does this in four steps:

  1. Process a client's BUSINESS RULE (find specific information or data)  
  2. IDENTIFY the information pertinent to your business rules 
  3. RESPOND to a critical event and implement the appropriate communications policy and response (phone calls, text messages, e‐mails, radio, and video to individuals and other systems as predetermined)
  4. MONITOR and function as a seamless, confidential and ultra‐reliable virtual  communications  center without  human intervention.


1.   Customers tell OTTER what their information looks like, what makes it important and how it will be used. This is what we call a BUSINESS RULE. We work with our clients to establish clear rules that are entered into OTTER. Rules can be kept confidential through a data input portal designed specifically for our clients.  

When a business rule is triggered, the pertinent information is sent out digitally to a specified person, device, and/or IT system. The platform is so flexible that it works with all kinds of different information and all kinds of devices, sensors or systems, and any number of devices, sensors or systems. OTTER simply follows our client's instructions.  


2.  People, computers, portable devices and sensors generate a lot of data. The OTTER software IDENTIFIES the important data, and processes it quickly and efficiently. It combines an innovative and powerful business rule engine with a client tailored communications policy and notification criteria. The software’s intelligence takes any data and communicates that data to any communications device or system on any network in the world in less than 15 seconds. 

Many clients receive information from a third party. OTTER can receive this information directly from them, or AquilaVision can coordinate with them to request the information. Information can be fed into OTTER's secure online web portal, which is unique to each client. Clients tell OTTER what their information looks like, and what makes it important. 


3. OTTER RESPONDS TO A CRITICAL EVENT, as defined by a business rule, by pushing information to a specified party over a specified platform. For example machinery has shut down overnight. OTTER attempts to reach the on duty engineer on his mobile device and his radio. If the on-duty engineer does acknowledge contact within a specified period of time, OTTER automatically attempts contact with another engineer until acknowledgement that the information was received.

OTTER communicates to people or IT systems through phone calls, text messages, and emails over landlines, cell phones, satellite phones, land mobile radio, and the list goes on and on. Working with existing hardware products or services means that most of the heavy lifting is done before OTTER receives any input. But even with vastly complex systems OTTER can scale or move huge levels of information very quickly.


4. OTTER monitors your business rules constantly. OTTER integrates into nearly any platform and works with nearly any mobile device, sensor, app or IT system. Think of it, the ability of virtually any sensor or system is enhanced to instantly and intelligently communicate important information to any device on any network with ease, low cost and confidentiality.

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